Madam President

Madam President, the third novel in the Eighteen Acres trilogy tells the story of a single extraordinary day in the life of the White House.

President Charlotte Kramer is preparing for an in-depth day of interviews with CBS News–a production that the White House refers to as a “Presidential Day in the Life.” The purpose of the CBS filming is to pull back the curtain on President Kramer’s second term White House, particularly now that she has all of the scandals of the first term behind her. Charlotte’s new Press Secretary, Dale Smith, is charged with shepherding the two dozen news crews through the day.

Dale and Charlotte have a complicated personal history, but they’ve been able to put the past behind them. Melanie Kramer, the country’s secretary of defense, and one of President Kramer’s closest advisors is also asked to participate. The perfectly scripted day is upended by a surprise critique from the President’s own daughter.

While the White House scrambles to prevent the family feud from overtaking the rest of the day’s events, the White House staff hears news of an explosion in New York City. A few minutes later, they hear of more attacks. Soon it becomes clear that this is not typical day in the life of the White House. Rather, it’s a day of terror and violence that the nation has not seen since September 11, 2001.

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Praise for Madam President

“MADAM PRESIDENT is a page turner that takes Nicolle’s storytelling to the next level.”

-Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary

“Fierce and flawed heroines take center stage in this page turner.  Wallace’s insider knowledge of the political and media landscapes gives MADAM PRESIDENT a credibility that provides the reader insight into what really happens when the worst really happens.”

-Alison Stewart, journalist and author of FIRST CLASS

“Nicolle Wallace takes us on a riveting journey inside the Beltway with the subtle and fascinating details only an insider would know. Her powerful characters jump off the page, captivating readers to the end.  Another in her series of great political fiction.”

-Douglas Brunt, New York Times bestselling author of THE MEANS and GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN

Scandal meets 24 – Nicolle’s experience in the media and inside the White House combined with her knowledge of history makes for some truly fantastic plot lines.”

-Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe

“Nicolle Wallace is one of those rare few who not only writes about Washington DC and the White House with credibility, she sheds light. In MADAM PRESIDENT she opens the curtain so we can see the humans behind the high-profile jobs on a day beset with common and extraordinarily horrific events. As with her two previous novels it is a compelling and engrossing read.”

-Jake Tapper, CNN chief Washington correspondent and anchor of The Lead with Jake Tapper

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