Eighteen Acres

Three dynamic women at the highest level of politics and the height of their careers juggle ambition, family, the idiosyncratic nature of life in the White House, and the nation’s most vital interests.

To the world, it’s simply known as the White House. To the staff who regularly clock twelve to fifteen hours a day there, it’s the “Eighteen Acres,” a reference to the eighteen acres in northwest Washington, D.C., on which the majestic White House complex sits.

Melanie Kingston, White House chief of staff; Dale Smith, White House correspondent; and Charlotte Kramer, the nation’s forty-fifth president, have made it to the top only to see all their accomplishments jeopardized by deception, infidelity, and one tragic mistake. At the very moment that the White House should have been securing the president’s reelection, Kramer’s administration implodes under rumors of her husband’s secret love affair and a grave error of judgment on the part of her closest national security advisor.

In the wake of these huge personal and political upheavals, which threaten not only the presidency but the nation’s security, Charlotte fights to regain her footing by proving to the voters that she is able to govern with honesty and conviction. At the same time, Melanie juggles a crushing workload that often includes unseemly assignments, which force her to place loyalty ahead of honesty. And Dale loves covering the news but a secret, high-stakes relationship could destroy her career. In just one year, everyone’s life has changed dramatically, and that might mean never again working inside the Eighteen Acres.

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What Others Are Saying…

“Nicolle Wallace, the tough, savvy and hard-charging conservative political operator, was laughing and explaining why Melanie Kingston, the tough, savvy and hard-charging conservative political operator who just so happens to be a protagonist in Mrs. Wallace’s first novel, “Eighteen Acres,” isn’t like her at all.” Read More

–Ashley Parker, New York Times

“Once again, time to play “Who’s Who” in the latest Washington roman a clef: “Eighteen Acres,” Nicolle Wallace’s savvy novel about heartbreak, drama and drudgery inside the White House complex.” Read More

–The Reliable Source, Washington Post

“Nicolle Wallace has worked for top GOP names like George W. Bush, John McCain and Sarah Palin, yet she drew inspiration from Democrat Hillary Clinton for her new novel, Eighteen Acres.” Read More

–Kris Kitto, Washington Scene

“What? Another thriller coming out of Washington? How many can there be? The good news here, however, is that the messenger, Nicolle Wallace, actually knows what she’s talking about.” Read More

–Craig Wilson, USA Today

“To say that Nicolle Wallace’s “Eighteen Acres” is one of the best novels I’ve read about life in the White House may be faint praise — there haven’t been many good ones — but her book is both an enjoyable read and a serious look at what high-level political pressures do to people. The novel will be talked about not only because its author served as White House communications director for George W. Bush but also because her three main characters are women: the president, her chief of staff and a television correspondent who is having an affair with the president’s husband.” Read More

–Patrick Anderson, Washington Post

“Intrigue, love, betrayal, politics, family and an international crisis—this insider novel about life in the White House really delivers. I couldn’t put it down!”

–Lauren Weisberger, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Nicolle Wallace has written a true page-turner, using her firsthand knowledge of the White House to bring “Eighteen Acres” to life. Her fictional account of a female president is delightfully real: the details are exquisite, the characters are authentic, and the plot is unstoppable. Full of politics without being political, the novel transports readers inside the eighteen acres of the White House grounds to watch a fast-paced drama unfold, while envisioning a political force — the first female president — that isn’t yet a reality. But reading this book, you see how it could be.”

–Anne E. Kornblut, Washington Post

“When I finished reading Eighteen Acres, I missed its characters and wanted them back — which is novel feeling for me about a bunch of Republicans! It’s very funny, very reflective of some certain someones we all know, and it’s peppered throughout with true, smart insight into the fraught interdependence of top-tier politics and media in DC. A great read.”

–Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC

“An insider’s politically balanced view into the 18 acres of the White House, its politics, and the intriguing affairs of state. A must for political junkies and fans of political fiction.”

–Sheila Riley, Smithsonian Inst. Libs., Washington, DC

“Eighteen Acres, the debut novel by Nicolle Wallace, communications director under George W. Bush and campaign advisor for John McCain and Sarah Palin, approaches contemporary politics from the angle of women’s commercial fiction. The three main characters each carry different careers within the realm of US politics: Melanie Kingston, the White House chief of staff, Charlotte Kramer, America’s first female president, and Dale Smith, a White House correspondent.” Read More

–Book Slut

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