Madam President

February 18th, 2015

Hi folks! I am back with my third novel Madam President in April.  I’m so excited to share this story with readers.  Madam President tells the story of Charlotte, the country’s 45th president, Dale, the White House press secretary, and Melanie, the Secretary of Defense.  We join them for just one day in their extraordinary lives; but it is the most harrowing day of their careers.  The novel opens with an Oval Office address to the nation from President Kramer.  She is speaking to the American people at an hour of grave calamity–the nation has been attacked in a series of horrific terrorist attacks on “soft targets” in five American cities.  Madam President follows the three women through a single day on the White House complex as they juggle their own despair and fear with their solemn responsibilities to the nation.


I am exited to share Madam President with you and will be revealing more details as the publication date nears.


Thanks to my readers!

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